Jan 23, 2018 · By providing a specialized docket—the Delaware Mission Court–the Delaware Municipal Court increases a Veteran’s chances of success in a collaborative environment by enhancing access to various programs and treatments and fostering interaction with other Veterans to ensure that those who have served receive the services they deserve. Veterans Resource Guide for the Florida State Court System 6 Florida Statute 394.47891, establishes the T. Patt Maney Veterans’ Treatment Act, which authorizes a veterans court with the purpose of addressing the substance abuse and mental health needs of veterans within the criminal justice system.
Every court session begins with a reading from that day in military history. Mark Teachy, an Army vet, coordinates the Veteran Treatment Court in Harnett County. Photo credit: Taylor Knopf. The program takes a veteran about two years if he or she stays on track. There are five phases, each with different requirements. Daily call-ins are required.
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