If you do not see messages in Stern indicating that the ball is being thrown, and it looks as if ping has timed out, you can try deleting the Pod: $ kubectl delete pod ping-<suffix> Specify the full Pod name, including the suffix, with the command. Kubernetes replaces the Pod. The output shows that the Pod is using about 162,900,000 bytes of memory, which is about 150 MiB. This is greater than the Pod’s 100 MiB request, but within the Pod’s 200 MiB limit. NAME CPU(cores) MEMORY(bytes) memory-demo <something> 162856960 Delete your Pod:
Sep 13, 2018 · Currently, on new Kubernetes deployments using acs-engine v0.21.2, the containers' DNS suffixes have an issue. When spawning a pod for the first time in a namespace, the DNS suffix will be set as expected: foo.svc.cluster.local , but when creating a second pod in a different namespace, the DNS suffix will still be foo.svc.cluster.local , and it shouldn't.
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