Also known as fixed-axle storage tanks, Frac Tanks provide the safe, secure storage of liquids essential to many commercial and industrial locations. Frac Tanks are ideal for use in the oil and gas industries for which the safe storage of flammable liquids or sludge is necessary. ROLL-OFF LIQUID STORAGE SW-10 Mini Frac Tank Wastequip frac tanks are ideal for on-site storage of liquid waste. Frac tanks are designed to safely store liquids including run-off water, diesel fuel, glycol, oils, waste products and more for manufacturing facilities, construction site and wastewater treatment facilities, among others.
Smooth-wall, 180° round-bottom Frac Tank. Frac Tanks were originally designed to hold high volumes of water as well as diesel, sand, and other materials used during the well fracturing process. It often takes a series of these large tanks to supply the hundreds or thousands of gallons of water typically necessary for a fracturing job.
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