In an earlier blog, we had talked about design for manufacturability (DFM) and discussed how the DesignTrue DFM feature of Allegro® PCB Editor provides a cost-effective and timely solution to proactively work towards reducing manufacturing issues, both assembly-related (DFA) and fabrication-related (DFF), in the design phase itself. 差分表示の行番号の色はタイプ別設定 『カラー』プロパティで設定できます。 ヒント diff.exe は サクラエディタ本体と同じフォルダに置く必要があります。
However, DFF files have no metadata, so the subsequent DSF files will start out with none either. Players like JRIver or utilities like MP3TAG or Tag&Rename can help you input tags and some of the process can be done with a set of files (album and artists name, track numbers, etc), but tags unique to each track like track names are currently a manual process.
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