E-Book Review and Description: These lecture notes cowl Classical Mechanics on the diploma of second-year undergraduates. The book provides full along with self-contained supplies that could be taught in a one-semester course for school youngsters with the minimal background info acquired in preuniversity education or inside the peculiar first-year overview. The following outline of the rudiments of classical mechanics provides the background that is necessary in order to use this book. For the reader who finds our presentation too brief, there are several excellent books that expound on these basics, such as those listed below.[1−4] 1.1 Kinematics and dynamics of a single particle
Aug 29, 2011 · We will mainly follow the classical textbook by Landau and Lifshitz. At the end of the course students should be able to solve typical mechanics problems by themselves. We will start with Lagrangian Mechanics, which is related to the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics and quantum field theory.
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