At Bilal Travels you can find intercity bus connections in various pakistan cities, as well as international bus connections. 70% of ticket price will be refunded in case of cancellation or change. ASHRAFIYA Teachings of Hakim al-Umma Mawlana Ashraf 'Ali Thanawi & his spiritual successors, particularly 'Arifbillah Dr 'Abdul Hayy 'Arifi (may Allah bless them) and Sayyidi Mawlana Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) regarding Tasawwuf
Jul 10, 2017 · Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. Gold class buses are not available for traveling from Karachi. Premium & luxury buses can be booked by dialing the UAN number of Daewoo: 111-007-008.
Guavaween parade 2012